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We love GGGOOOOOLLLDDD! Kulbaco and BB-CRE.8 took one of the most iconic characters from the video game universe, Super Mario, and mashed him up with one of the most iconic characters from the sci-fi universe, the Storm Trooper! But wait there's more! This interactive slider pin has everyone asking, "What's inside the box?!" Push up and find that lovable droid, BB-8 behind that question block! The kingpins Kulbaco and BB-CRE.8 proudly created a new polished GOLD version and bring to you the BB.8Bit.

Pin Specs: Pin Specs:
- Polished GOLD nickel  
- Sliding Interactive Moveable Pin
- Kulbaco x BB-CRE.8 logo back stamp
- Limited to 50 pieces
- Double center post rubber clutch backing
- Approximately 2.5'' in height
- Super 8-Bit AF

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